AISJ Aquatic Center, Johannesburg

The AISJ Aquatic Center is the new hypermodern indoor aquatic centre of the American International School of Johannesburg. The building incases 2 pools, one which is half the size of an Olympic pool with 430,000 litres of water and a ‘learn to swim’ pool with 120,000 litres of water. The project was completed in 2012 and was designed by Flansburgh Architects.


The buildings form is, simply put, a large arch with a bend in it. The building’s roof and facade are essentially the same thing.  With at each end large windows to let in light.



The building is situated in the AISJ campus which serves around 1000 students who have an international background. The building in cases almost 1,400m2 under one unsupported roof. The roof is made up steel framed rhombuses which are clad in conjugated steel pieces.



The building’s roof has been created to allow natural light and fresh air to flow through. This helps create an environment that helps students to excel and fine tune their swimming talents. The acrylic skylights allow light to come through but no glare, so that no child doing the back crawl is blinded by a high standing sun. It’s also a cheap material which helped to bring down the total prices of the project. Which upon completion stood at 1,500,000 US dollars.


The most interesting and complex part of the building is the roof. It could be called a climate roof as it can regulate the climate using the outside to create a perfect environment inside.

POOL-5 [Elevation]
The project has helped students to find their passion, a passion which they can hopefully continue to fine tune for the rest of their lives.


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