Nyerere Bridge, Dar er Salaam

Featured Image Source: Kenya West, Under Citation, https://twitter.com/KinyanBoy/status/781390666068729856/photo/1

The 680 meter long Nyerere Bridge crosses the creek to connect the Kigamboni suburb to the city centre. The bridge was completed in 2016 at a cost of 140 million US dollars.

Source: Editorial Staff of africa.com, Under Citation, https://www.africa.com/tanzanias-nyerere-bridge-trends-social-media/

The bridge is the longest cable-stayed bridge in East Africa, and one of the most beautiful! The bridge carries 6 lanes of traffic and two pedestrian paths to allow vehicles and people to move between the two areas of the Dar er Salaam metropolitan area.

Source: howafrica.com, Under Citation, https://nl.pinterest.com/pin/348466089899902713/

The two towers and 36 cables hold the 32 meter wide bridge deck. The bridge is named after Julius Nyerere, the first president of the free and independent Tanzania.

Source: UK National Archives, Under Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Julius_Nyerere_cropped.jpg

The bridge is also the first toll road in Tanzania which will help pay back the loans taken to build the bridge. The bridge has helped to cut two hours off the trip over the creek which will increase economic development on both sides of the creek. The bridge was also needed to make it possible for the government to push forward on the new satellite city, known as the Kigamboni New City development. The new satellite city is to be completed in 2030.


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