Pavilions for Okana

Featured Image Source: Pavilions for Okana, Under Citation,

Pavilions for Okana is a project set up by two master students from the faculty of architecture at the TU Delft. The two students, Laura Straehle and Ellen Rouwendal, wanted to create a new community centre for a small village in western Kenya. The Pavilion would house new facilities to enrich the lives of the people who lived there. The new facilities included an ICT centre,  new library, office space for NGO’s and a community space for learning, discussing and other social interactions.

Source: Pavilions for Okana, Under Citation,

The pavilion’s structure is made from locally sourced bamboo. The pavilion is made to use its surrounds optimally. Catching the rainwater for the dry season, allowing air to flow through the building to cool it.

Source: Pavilions for Okana, Under Citation,

The building’s roof was inspired by the local Acacia trees with their large outstretched branches.

Their project is currently being shown at the TU Delfts expo area, their work is a sight to behold and their research is incredibly deep and thoughtful.

Here some renders:

The project also has a great video about their work! If anyone is close to the TU Delft, I can highly recommend you take a look at the expo.


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