Durban Beachfront, SA

Feautured Image Source: Kim H, Under Citation,

Durban Beachfront was upgraded and improved in 2010 in time for the world cup. The beach front was last upgraded in the 80’s and urgently needed an upgrade. Micheal Tod Architects tried to look for the natural ebbs and flows in the beachfront and accentuate these in the new design. Durban Beachfront also know as the golden mile was revamped to try and create one new beachfront.

Source: Unknown, Under Citation,
Source: Kim H, Under Citation,
Source: Kim H, Under Citation,

The new wavy path flows across the beachfront connecting the new buildings that have been realised as part of the renovation like a new restaurant.

Source: JasonSmuts, Under Creative Commons,

The renovation has created space for many new leisure activities to take place, like a skatepark, waterpark and pool. These leisure activies are now integrated into the beachfront and have become part of the urban fabric.


Source: Edwin Seda, Under Citation,


It is a simply but well orchestrated movement along the sandy beaches of Durban, a world class city.

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