Nairobi’s Coolest Buildings

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Let me start by saying that this post will only scratch the surface of the Coolest Buildings in Nairobi, but I’m gonna do it anyway!

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. With a population of 2,750,547 as of 2016. The city’s name Nairobi means ‘place of cool waters’ in the Maasai language. Nairobi is a city of many colours, being an economic powerhouse, a melting pot of cultures and people. It is also home to the world’s largest slum, Kibera. Nairobi is a city with many hearts, and many souls. It makes Nairobi one of the most interesting and in my biased opinion, the greatest city in the world. ‘The green city under the sun’!

Nairobi’s architecture is a true reflection of the city, a melting pot of styles, materials, height, size and ideas.


The most iconic building in the city is without a doubt the KICC (Kenyatta International Conference Center).

Source: Mkimemia, Under GNU Free Documentation License,

Built just after independence in 1973 to be an emblem of the new Kenya that was emerging out after Colonialisation. The building was designed by Norwiegen Architect Karl Henrik Nøstvik and Kenyan Architect David Mutiso. The building was built mainly out of concrete and the main tower is 105 meters tall. The Largest room, The Tsavo ballroom has capacity to hold over 4000 people. The KICC is such a cool buildings because it is what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and the Empire State building is for New York, a landmark.


The second building was built 5 years later, it was the JKIA (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport).




JKIA was definitely a building of its time, concrete, small windows, almost fort-like. The building was never the nicest building to go through when I was young (1997-2013), although in its heydey it was one of the most modern buildings in Africa. It was a huge airport when it was built and put Kenya on the world stage.

Jamia Mosque

The Jamia Mosque, built in 1906, though it has been expanded many times over the years.



The Jamia Mosque is located in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD. It is one of the largest mosques in Kenya and has played an important role for Muslims in Kenya.

It’s three dome arches and four Minaret in a formal Islamic style. The inside is clad with marble and Islamic inscriptions. It is a timeless building, built when Nairobi was tiny, it watched the city grow and helped its people to find faith through the difficult times.

I&M Bank Tower

Source: Mkimemia, Under GNU Free Documentation License,

Finished in 2001 it is one of the most modern looking buildings in Nairobi. It blue glass facade and four large masts that give the building an impressive height of just under 100 meters. Its an icon in the city

KCB Plaza




Built in the new and up and coming area Upper hill KBC Plaza is a large stricking white building. Its top floor is at 99 meter and its spire ends some meters above that.

The Timelapse Beauty of Nairobi Through The Xi-Xo Collective

Beauty of Nairobi is Nairobi beautifully shown through Xi-Xo Collective’s amazing timelaps.


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