Kericho Sacred Heart Cathedral

Feautured Imagine Source: Edmund Sumner,

Kericho Sacred Heart Cathedral by Triad Architects  & John McAslan + Partners  

Kericho Sacred Heart Cathedral sits upon a hill looking over the rich and vibrant tea plants that cover the area. Its terracotta red roof, white walls, natural stone and wooden accents stand out beautifully against the sea of green

Source: Edmund Sumner, Under Creative Commons,

The large white clock tower is a landmark in itself, people can find their way from miles.

The outside is beautiful in its geometric, straight lined form, but it is on the inside where heavenly and intelligent design can be found.

The church like most churches has one central aisle leading to the altar. This aisle widens towards the altar to create a sense of profound importance. The large central window allows light to cascade and illuminates the altar.As one looks up to this window one’s eye is drawn to the wooden arches that hold up the roof. The slow feminine arch that allows light to drop out of the top of the roof to create a very intimate space even with its impressive size.

Source: Third World Architecture, Under Creative Commons

The church is very frank in its construction, making no effort to hide or ornament the central structures holding the building up. It is honest in its construction and subtle in its use of space and light. The space feels both very personal and very communal.

source: Edmund Sumner, Under Citation

The view from the building’s entrance across the tea leaves of Kericho. It’s food finish help to create a natural feel to match its suroundings.




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